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Finding Eve

Based on actual events in the author’s past, Finding Eve explores love, loss, and the importance of lifelong friendships.

Upon entering the city’s most popular carwash, three friends are whisked away through a time portal that drops them back to 1983, where they have a run in with cosmic Time Keepers, old girlfriends, and a chance to change the future by changing the past.

Together the three begin a voyage through time and space, aided by nothing more than a sense for adventure and the desire to make the universe a better place. While doing so, the three destroy all records of time, uncannily release aliens on Earth, lose Adam and Eve, discover parallel universes, and find that United States Marines never truly die. They also find that women, love, and life are not things easily attainable or manageable.

In the end, the three are able to answer some of life’s most elusive questions. Are we alone in the cosmos? How did we get here? Is there a God?


Amazon Reviews

“Totally grabbed me upon reading and didn’t put the book down until it was read.”

“Finding Eve is a fast-paced novel on time travel, with detours into space. By introducing Adam and Eve into the plot, the book also provides readers with food for thought on the theory of creation, parallel universes, and life after death.”

“I loved how the characters fumbled their way through the story, overcoming obstacles they really didn’t see coming.”

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